Best Way to Cook Beets to Retain Nutrients

If you are looking for the best way to cook beets to retain their nutrients, consider steaming them instead of frying. Steaming is a great cooking method because it allows the natural goodness and minerals in the fresh beet to come to the surface. This results in a healthier, cleaner beet that tastes better than if you just cooked it on the stove.

For the best way to cook beets to retain nutrients, boil the beets in water until they are tender but not mushy. For a softer consistency, you can add enough water to the amount of beets to equal the volume of a medium sized salad bowl. Place the beets in the water and cover them until they are soft. Drain them and rinse them under cold running water and then drizzle over a light layer of white or ivory sugar. Allow to dry thoroughly before serving.

The best way to cook beets to retain nutrients also means using olive oil while cooking. Olive oil is a neutral cooking medium and as such, will not change the texture or flavor of the dish that you are cooking. However, it is still a good idea to season it with salt, pepper and herbs before you start cooking. For a more intense flavor, try to find out where you can get culinary grade, organic olive oil; this will help ensure that you are using healthy oils and seasonings.

When it comes to how to cook beets to retain nutrients, steaming them is clearly the best way to cook them, as long as you give them time to release their nutrients. Beets should be steamed for about three minutes to allow their insides to become unclogged and soft. Just like when you cook other vegetables with soups, your goal is to steam them until they are tender. Remove from the heat once they are soft and flaky.

There are a number of different ways to cook beets to retain nutrients, but for a delicious meal you should consider pairing them with carrot juice. Carrot juice has been shown to greatly infuse the natural nutrients found in beets into your dish. You will want to puree the carrot pulp with the beets and serve that as an appetizer while you prepare the main course. The juices will also cool the beets and help them retain their shape.

To learn more about the best way to cook beets to retain nutrients, register for a free vegetable guidebook. Vegetable guides are available at many brick and mortar retailers and online. You can also purchase a printable version of this guide and bring it along with you the next time you cook. You’ll have your own arsenal of ways to ensure your veggies are cooked to perfection every time!

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