Can I Be Fired if My Short-Term Disability Is Denied?

As an individual with a short-term disability, you may be wondering “Can I be fired?” There are actually two answers to this question. Depending on your disability and the laws in your state, the answer may be different. However, for the sake of this article we will assume that you are able to work and that you need a short-term disability insurance to help cover your expenses until you can work again.

There are several types of reasons as to why an employer may decide to deny your request for employment. First of all, some employers may not hire individuals based on their abilities. They may believe that the applicant may be a good employee and therefore a better worker for the company but that they would not be a good risk because of what may be called a “short-term disability.” While it can be difficult to explain, short-term disability can last from a few weeks to several months. It can also include some more long-term disabilities such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

An employer may also decide not to hire someone based on their appearance. An employer may believe that an applicant with a short-term disability may not be able to dress properly or may not be able to behave properly. This may not be true. You may be able to overcome these issues if you prove to them that you can overcome these problems and that you would not be affected by their opinions.

Another reason as to why an employer may decide not to hire someone based on their short-term disability may be based on the fact that they are able to do so under normal circumstances. If you have a short-term disability, your ability to pay bills and/or provide for yourself may be impacted. However, you should not expect your employer to pay for all of your bills or be able to provide you with transportation or clothing. Your employer is only going to allow you to work in the capacities that are deemed reasonable for you based on your physical and mental abilities.

Another reason as to why an employer may decide not to hire someone with a short-term disability or require them to return to school may be based on their religious beliefs or moral convictions. Employers do not want to hire someone with a handicap because they may have a difficult time doing their job or might make the company look bad. They may even fear that someone with a disability may sue them or ask them to train or hire them if they were unable to do so on their own. Again, this is a choice between an employer must make.

There are many more reasons why an employer may decide not to hire someone with a disability but these are the two most common reasons that many people end up filing a disability compensation claim. Again, each person’s situation is different and their particular circumstances to determine what kind of compensation they may be entitled too. If you are not sure whether you are eligible to receive disability benefits, you should contact a qualified disability lawyer today. If you are not eligible for medical assistance, you should file for disability compensation immediately. The sooner you do it, the better. Disability compensation can help you get the help you need and deserve.

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