Can I File Taxes if I Didn’t Work but Have a Child?

Often we wonder can I file taxes if I didn’t work, but have a dependent child. The IRS wants to know if your child is your legal child. If you are married but still get joint physical custody of the child or are still legally married, then you can file as an adjustment.

If you were single and never worked, then you probably won’t have a problem with filing your taxes. You could just figure deductions into your pay check and write a check to the government for a small amount. It’s easy and free. However, if you did work, there’s a chance that you’ll get hit with tax liens and other problems. This is especially true if you owed a lot of money from past jobs.

If you can’t work but still have a child, then can I file taxes when I didn’t work but have a child? The IRS will look at any income that your dependents would get. It will consider overtime pay and bonuses. They’ll also consider child support and spousal support. Be honest and don’t have any surprises when they ask can I file taxes when I didn’t work, but have a child.

In order for you to be safe, talk to a tax lawyer. Find one that specializes in child support or tax liens. Tell them what kind of circumstances you’re in. Ask them to help you find the right deductions to save money and get out of debt. Don’t forget to let them know if you owe a lot of money from past jobs.

After filing, make sure your children receive the proper education. Make sure your tax return is accurate. File all your tax returns and pay them on time. This will protect you from problems that could occur.

If you had to work and didn’t have the benefits, then you might qualify for Medicaid. There are many places where you can go to get this type of aid. It’s important that you check with your local Social Security Administration office for information on what type of assistance you might qualify for. If you did not work and are raising children, then filing your tax returns while you work will help you keep more of your pay until you can qualify for some type of government assistance.

For most people who need to work but have a child, they might think about filing joint tax returns. However, this isn’t always the best option. When you file a joint tax return, both you and your partner are considered taxable. This means that you will need to pay taxes on both of your returns. You can save yourself trouble by getting a refund from the IRS and then making sure that you take care of any credits or deductions your owe.

Filing your own taxes is always the best choice. The deductions you can take and the credits you can claim will help you pay less money each year. It’s always better to take all the deductions and credits you can get rather than taking a half of a deduction that you don’t need. Take the time to do your homework before filing your own tax return and you’ll be surprised how much money you can save.

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