How Many Ppl Are on Welfare in the Us?

As per the latest US Census reports, there are more American citizens on welfare than any other group. The numbers are as high as 66% and it has been calculated that each and every person living in the US is on welfare. However, this figure needs to be understood very carefully as it serves as a point of discussion and debate in the minds of the people especially those who are running on the political party in the United States of America. As the figures show that how many are on welfare in the us, there are multiple reasons for the same.

For starters, social programs and welfare programs have always been and will always be highly patronized by the people of the United States of America. The welfare state is considered to be a very important factor in the nation. Each and every citizen to give a lot of importance and loyalty to the country. Therefore, the social spending is also a matter of great concern and deliberation in the minds of the people and especially of the politicians.

Social spending is not only limited to the US but it encompasses the entire world. There are various welfare programs being offered across various nations which are highly appreciated by the taxpayers of the nations. In fact, the social spending policy is the main reason of why the US has a high economy and why there are plenty of jobs in the nation. It is because of the social spending programs that the government is able to spend large amounts of money on various welfare programs which are extremely beneficial for the general welfare of the US citizens.

The US has a number of social programs, both federal and state wide that serve as the major attraction for the immigrants and the new entrants into the country. These social programs have helped many people in the US to lead a better life. In fact, there have been many successful stories of immigrants who got to adjust to US society after taking up jobs in the local businesses or even going out to work for offshore companies. Most of these immigrants were granted an immigrant visa and later they succeeded in getting a US Green Card that allows them to work legally in the country once they get here.

The social welfare programs are also designed for the parents who want their kids to be well educated and to undergo quality and comprehensive educations. There are numerous grants that are being offered to parents who are willing to sponsor their children’s education. There are free financial aids that are easily available and offer big amount of assistance to needy families. Hence, this aspect is one of the major reasons why there are so many people on welfare in the US.

Another aspect of social programs that are responsible for bringing up so many US citizens on welfare is the provision of healthcare services. There are numerous free healthcare programs that are being provided by almost all state-level governments. It is very important that any citizen who wishes to avail these programs must be able to pay for it as these social programs do not come free of any cost. Hence, this aspect makes it extremely important for any US citizen to be aware about these programs and make sure that they get benefit from them in the best possible manner. Finally, it can be said that these social programs are responsible for ensuring that there are so many US citizens on welfare in the US today.

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