In Foreign Policy What Is Meant by the Word Prevention?

Many folks in the United States think that the phrase “prevention” means that we should prevent somebody from getting hurt or killed in some way. This is not the right attitude to have regarding any international relations or dealing with regimes in foreign countries. Prevention is the opposite of cure and you should never look to prevent problems when you can prevent them by accepting the existence of problems and dealing with them accordingly. The phrase “what is meant by the term prevention” is something that is very important in international relations and it is something that we should never forget when talking about foreign policy.

There is a great deal of talk going around about the phrase “what is meant by the term prevention” and what it means when it comes to dealing with our relations with other nations. It is an unfortunate reality of contemporary American life that the United States is at risk of getting sucked into a quagmire in the Middle East and if this happens then we will lose our standing in the world as the greatest superpower that ever was and we will be on the same level as the rogue nation states that are hell bent on world domination. We have to realize that prevention is always preferable to cure and thus, a good way to look at prevention in foreign affairs is to understand that we should never put ourselves in a position of weakness and we should always strive to prevent our enemies from achieving their goals no matter what they may be.

Prevention is not only better for us in foreign affairs but it is also better for our enemies. In fact, it is not only better for our enemies but it is usually a form of strike against us. For instance, consider a case where a nation such as Iran tries to obtain nuclear weapons capabilities. If Iran had nuclear weapons, it would certainly deter the United States from starting a military action against it, would it? However, if Iran had nuclear weapons and refused to get them under any circumstances, then the United States would indeed take action in its own self-defense – but this means war with Iran and there is a very high chance that it would start a regional war that we would eventually have to come involved in.

Thus, prevention is not just about us winning the hearts of those who do not want a Pax Americana. Prevention means preventing the worst things from happening to us. And this is an important part of a sound foreign policy. The end result of this means being able to say with some pride that we are protecting the world and keeping it safe from our enemies. If we allow our enemies to get close, to attack us or to poison our food supply; then we are not doing our jobs as citizens of the United States.

Thus, the United States must always remind everyone that when it comes to foreign policy the best policy is one which prevents bad things from happening to us first. Sometimes, we must also prevent bad things from happening to others. When this is done, we show the world that we care about the world community and that we are doing all that we can to keep it stable.

Prevention is not just a policy that we take for granted. It is a philosophy. It is the mindset that you possess when it comes to the security of your nation and the security of the world community as a whole. And it is the mindset that allows you to make sure that the United States of America is the first and only superpower that possess the true strength of a global leader. And this is what is meant by the term prevention in foreign policy.

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