Is New Hampshire a Good Place to Retire That Could Change Your Life?

New Hampshire is a great place to retire. It is known for its slow pace and very beautiful scenery. It is a small state located on the Eastern seaboard of the United States, which separates Cape Cod in Massachusetts from Providence, Rhode Island. One may wonder why New Hampshire is such a great place to retire. There are many answers to that question, but one answer is the climate.

New Hampshire has a long history. Many of our ancestors came over on boats to get a better life. In the early days they built a number of inns and then sold them off to people who came to visit. Over time that built up some of the best hotels in the state and that is one of the reasons why we are able to live free in New Hampshire.

One of the reasons that we can live so easily in New Hampshire is because it is New Hampshire. This means that we do not have to go far to find a variety of different locations. For example, if you live in Bristol this is a very easy commute to Boston. In fact it is a very good commute to any of the other major cities in New England. As we discussed before most of our ancestors came over on boats so they had to survive in a small state like New Hampshire.

Another reason that we are able to live so easily in New Hampshire is because there are so many options when it comes to the job market. A lot of people retire in the summer and in the spring there is a huge shortage of people to fill those positions. In New Hampshire there are not a lot of people laid off from their jobs, so the unemployment rate is low. If you do not like commuting then you should consider retiring in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is a wonderful retirement community because it is a small state. This means that we do not have to travel far for medical appointments. In addition to having low crime rates New Hampshire has excellent weather, which is another reason why we can afford to live here. The average temperature is about sixty-seven, and the weather is wonderful year round. In addition to all of that New Hampshire has wonderful public schools. Some of the public schools in New Hampshire have less than high quality but if you want to live in New Hampshire then you do not have much choice.

The third reason that we could afford to buy a home in New Hampshire is because of all of the wonderful public schools that are located in the New England area. We are able to send our children to the top public schools in New Hampshire. D Dartmouth college, Bowdoony college, Hampshire colleges, and the University of New Hampshire are all great public schools that our family would be very happy to send our children to. We could not ask for a better education for our children in New Hampshire.

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