My Husband Is in Love With Another Woman but Wants to Stay With Me?

My husband is in love with another woman but wants to stay with me. How would you react if you found out that your spouse was having an extramarital affair? I know what your thinking, how can he keep his “secret” if she’s telling everyone? Well, it’s really not as hard as you think. In fact, the solution is quite simple.

First, you need to take a look at yourself and ask yourself why your husband is in love with another woman. Is it because she makes you feel special? If so, you need to apologize for making him feel this way and make sure he understands why he’s in love with another woman. Second, you need to stop trying to convince him that he should love you because you’re with another woman. If he knows he’ll be with you forever, he’ll have no reason to cheat on you!

You also have to understand that the reason your husband has a “secret” about his affair with another woman is because he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it with you. Remember, your husband is not dumb. He knows he has a problem but he’s afraid to bring it up with you because he doesn’t feel comfortable and because he doesn’t want you to think he’s unfaithful. Talking to him about his feelings will only cause more problems. You cannot let this attitude continue.

Third, once you do talk to your husband about his emotional problems, encourage him to seek professional help. This does not mean you’re saying he should seek a divorce. It simply means that you should spend more quality time with each other.

Fourth, take some time apart. If you are still seeing your husband every other day and you haven’t changed your appearance, then you are making it clear that the marriage isn’t working. When you get together with your husband, you should spend time just being with each other. In fact, you should do this all the time. This will rebuild your bond. When you both see the changes in each other they will love being together again.

Finally, if your husband is still in love with another woman, then he’ll want to settle down and be with you exclusively. You must work very hard at changing his mind. If you don’t try, then he won’t. You can save your marriage by learning how to read his body language.

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