What Time Does Bojangles Stop Serving Breakfast?

On Christmas Day morning, Bojangles serve breakfast. They were invented when a gentleman traveling through Europe wanted to eat his breakfast while walking. He stopped at each pub he passed and asked if he could have some bacon but no such establishments offered that service. He returned home disappointed and asked his cook if they would prepare the bacon sizzling on an open fire. She said no, this was not a service offered that day.

Several years later, a restaurant in the Netherlands decided to start serving breakfast two hours earlier. The kitchen began operating at ten o’clock in the morning. Because of this early start, the customers who braved the morning rush hour found themselves seated and eating breakfast before the sun had even risen. This led to a longer workday, fewer breaks and no lunch. When the proprietors started posting operating hours on the door, the breakfast lovers saw that this would be a great way to get their “break” without the wait and many left just before the appointed time.

Operating hours were changed in response to this demand. The new operating hours started with a twenty-four hour clock. The new lunch timings were also posted at ten o’clock. Bojangles were changed again to twenty-four hours, but this time was to start serving breakfast at seven o’clock in the afternoon. The original Bojangles stop serving breakfast at ten o’clock, which meant the restaurant would have to close by seven o’clock in the morning, not early as it used to be.

Operating hours for chicken fried steak remain at ten am until seven pm on festive holiday hours. No Bojangles will be served before lunch unless they are fried chicken. These timings worked well for most restaurants during the festive holiday times, but when you consider that the food can get expensive, changing them was a cost-saving measure that benefited the customers in other ways. After all, people didn’t go out that much because of the holidays. Even if they did, they had either gone out to enjoy the entertainment or shop.

Holiday timings worked for the restaurant owners that served meals before lunch and dinner on Christmas Eve. This worked so well, in fact, that many of them decided to keep them the same on Christmas Eve. The classic bojangles are still available at the beginning of the holiday season and serve delicious fried chicken. On Christmas day, however, the restaurant owners started serving ham and cheese. Both of these dishes proved to be a huge hit. People loved the food, but they also noticed that the change in timings gave them more time to enjoy the rest of the evening.

In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t have time to eat a healthy breakfast like the early birds do. They tend to reach for the greasy fried chicken fried steak before even getting started on their morning cup of coffee. This is a problem for everyone, but especially for people trying to maintain good health. By following the traditional methods of cooking breakfast on Christmas Eve, you can avoid the fast-food habit while still enjoying your favorite dishes.

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