Why Is Carbon Dioxide Bad for the Environment?

If you have a computer, you probably heard the question “Why is carbon dioxide bad for the environment?” quite a lot over the years. The reason it is asked a lot is because, unlike other natural sources of pollution that we can stop very easily, carbon dioxide is not so easy to control. It tends to act like a drug, with one use and then being eliminated for a better thing. So, what is happening with the environment as a result of our excessive use of it?

Well, carbon dioxide is the result of the burning of fossil fuels like coal or oil. When these are burned, they release carbon dioxide, as well as other compounds into the air. We are currently using about 24 billion barrels of oil each day, which is more than all the cars on the road combined. It would take an entire year of using these barrels without having carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, and without the Earth receiving any damage. Of course, this is not likely to occur because the Earth’s climate will continue to change due to human activities.

As people continue to use these kinds of energy sources, our climate will continue to change and become much worse. If, however, we do something about it, by changing to a renewable energy source, we may be able to stabilize our climate. For instance, if everyone used wind power, rather than using their cars, there wouldn’t be so much pollution in the atmosphere. It also wouldn’t matter how much we drove, since the only emissions involved would be the wind, from the turbines, and the emissions from the burning of the fuel. There might still be some pollution from this method, but much less than what we currently produce.

Another question that people ask, often when confronted with the question of “Why is carbon dioxide bad for the environment?” is why are they “carbon dioxins” instead of “carbon neutral.” Basically, when you purchase an item that says it is green, it is technically true, but when you use it, you are emitting a certain amount of carbon dioxide.

We need carbon dioxide to survive. But, trees only absorb CO2 up to a certain point. Once that limit is passed, the trees will die. We, on the other hand, release large amounts into the atmosphere. If we continue to do this, there will be nothing left to protect the plants, and ultimately the entire world will become a carbon dioxide desert. This means that whatever we plant will eventually be destroyed.

How do we reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that we release into the atmosphere? First, we need to stop burning fossil fuels like coal and gas. Second, we need to utilize renewable energy, such as wind and solar power. And third, we need to return carbon dioxide to the earth’s atmosphere in the safest, most environmentally sound way possible.

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