Will I Get My Stimulus Check if I Owe Child Support?

One of the most common questions about stimulus money and child support is, “How will I get my stimulus money if I owe child support?” The simple answer to this question is that you simply wait for the check to arrive. The question then becomes, “When will my check come?” The answer, unfortunately, is that it depends on the case.

Each case is unique. The amount of time varies. Also, the laws vary from state to state. If you are in default of your child support payments and you want to have the money immediately, you may be able to have the check go out within a few weeks. This is especially true if you are experiencing some hardships and are short on funds.

On the other hand, if you know that you will have problems making your payments for a while, don’t worry. You can still get child support payments even if you know you won’t be in a position to make them on time. You will need to provide the courts with information about your financial problems. Your cooperation is essential in this process. Just be sure that you do not skip out on any payments because this can cause a suspension of the entire process.

Some people wonder, “How will I get my stimulus money if I owe child support in another state?” You can do the same thing as you would in a state you are not currently staying in. In other words, simply send a letter to the other parent indicating that you will be late in paying your obligation.

The government will then help get the money to you so that you can pay. The check will be made out to your local welfare office. If your locality doesn’t have such an office, you might have to check online to see if there is one near you that will accept non-cash payment.

This option should be seriously considered if you need to get out of your current predicament. It will help relieve some financial stress, and it can go a long way towards getting you back on track. Don’t spend much time worrying about what will happen to you and your children when you aren’t able to pay your obligation. Spend your time figuring out how you will get your finances back in order.

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